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  • Raymond R. Wise
    Aug 2, 1999
      So just how do you pronounce 'Melcheizedek'?

      At 11:51 AM 7/30/99 -0400, you wrote:
      >From: "Christine Chumbler" <cchumble@...>
      >Malawian Rastas To Hold Emancipation Bash Sunday
      >July 30, 1999
      >Raphael Tenthani, PANA Correspondent
      >BLANTYRE, Malawi (PANA) - There will be jamming and skunking to conscious
      reggae vibes in the Malawi
      >commercial city of Blantyre on Sunday when the Rastafari community holds
      what is being dubbed Emancipation Day
      >to commemmorate the abolition of slavery in Europe and the plantations
      across the Americas.
      >The bash, to begin mid-morning till late afternoon at Blantyre's BAT
      Stadium, has been put together by a local
      >promotion outfit, Ital Futali Promotions.
      >Spokesman Jedde Tafari told PANA the event is being organised to show that
      the Rasta community in the world is
      >committed to wage a war for freedom and total emancipation from all forms
      of bondage in Africa and the rest of the
      >''Rastas will not give up the fight for freedom and justice. Just like our
      brothers in Ethiopia, we will be observing this
      >day in the memory of the slain pioneers of our freedom,'' he said.
      >Tafari, who doubles as a vocalist and percussionist in a local reggae
      outfit called 'Melcheizedek Sons and
      >Daughters', said various local reggae groups will spice up the day with
      roots reggae.
      >These include Bubu Lazzy Exodus, Images, Selectors, Mystic Brothers, Tackie
      T., Teargas, Nyabinghi Drummers
      >and, of course, Melcheizedek Sons and Daughters.
      >Tafari also said the crew from one of the FM stations in Blantyre, Power
      101, which has a fair share of black
      >Britons of Jamaican origin (the home of Rastafarianism) will take part in
      the bash, the first of its kind in Malawi.
      >Rasta Bongo Kushite, another member of the promotion, said the Rastafari
      community in Malawi would also like to
      >dispel what he termed the ''stereotypical misconception'' that Rastas are
      ruffians and dagga-smoking hoodlums.
      >''We want peace at the show. Rastas are peaceful people. Violence is a
      mental problem whose solution is reggae
      >music,'' he said, adding that Rastas in Malawi are inspired by such reggae
      legends as Bob Marley and Peter Tosh
      >who used their guitars to promote peace in the world.
      >Meanwhile, a statement from Ital Futali Promotions said after the Sunday
      bash, the following day the Rasta
      >community will march through the streets of Blantyre in memory of Emperor
      Haile Selassie of Ethiopia (Ras Tafari
      >The late Emperor visited Malawi in 1965, a year after its independence from
      Great Britain in 1964, and had a main
      >thoroughfare in the city named after him.
      >He came, according to the statement, to congratulate Malawi's first
      president, Hastings Kamuzu Banda, who died in
      >November 1997 at the age of 101, and the people of Malawi for successfully
      fighting against white imperialism.
      >''When he (Selassie) came to Malawi, he said the future of the country is
      upon the shoulders of the youth and we are
      >going for that,'' said Ras Kushite.
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