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  • vyrle@onlinemac.com
    Feb 18, 2011
      17 February 2011

      Dear all,

      Our daughter, Evangelina, who has recently gained employment with Dove
      Adoptions, a Hague Certified agency here in Oregon, has informed me that
      the moratorium on international adoptions between the USA and Kenya has
      been lifted. It appears there are several hurdles in Kenya to yet
      overcome, but they are willing to start the various procedures to enable
      adoptions which meet the Hague criteria.

      Evangelina is interested to know if any of you have contacts in Kenya, are
      living or working in Kenya, or can advise of agencies, governmental or
      NGO, with whom she can initiate communication.

      Thanks so much for your assistance.

      And Happy New Year


      Vyrle Owens
      12740 SE Lafayette Hwy
      Dayton, Oregon 97114
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