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5451RE: [ujeni] PCV survey and questions about Afghanistan

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  • Paul DEVER
    Oct 9, 2009
      the survey was quite bizarre.  An administrator involved in funding was in charge...that was clear...
      Vyrle, I wil give some of my input about the Afghanistan question.
      Yes, we should stay, but perhaps look at our strategy a bit more before doing it further. 
      Eric Bone was there also and might have some additional insight.
      To pacify the whole country, it would help to start from a central point (Kabul perhaps?) and build outwards...start with roads, schools, proper polkice, better infrastructure, starting even with a safe water supply.
      Hospitals (which were built but not staffed, or stocked, since "that is not in our mandate" is the response I got) do need doctors nurses, supplies, etc.
      Schools do need books, teachers, supplies, etc.
      In short, if you make it safe, they will come, and stay...
      Having been involved in the police training program, I can tell you that it was a diffifcult program.  Many factors are involved.  Most of those are hard to adress when looking at it from our particular angle.
      you might take the Africa model: Africa was many nations (of peoples, ethnic groups, etc. that were artificailly boundaried by outsiders.)  So that is a good example for other areas. 
      Are separate "countries (a la Serbia)" the solution?  maybe, maybe not...the neighbors might object.
      It can be done, if we think past election cycles, both their and ours.  think long term.  It did take us 200 years to get where we are, and that involved a naty civil war less than 100 years after fouding our republic...
      For what its worth...the delete key is right there on your right...

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