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5449PCV survey and questions about Afghanistan

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  • vyrle@onlinemac.com
    Oct 8, 2009
      8 October 2009

      Dear John,

      Thanks for posting your comments to the ujeni. Facebook is just not
      working for me. It has been wonderful for finding many people with whom I
      have not had contact for years. Yet as a working communication system
      (for me)it is not.


      I have not done the survey yet and I perceive my having a rather minority
      viewpoint. I tend to think of the "Peace Corps Experience," both on the
      part of the volunteer "visitor" and the host county "hosts," as being the
      most important investment/return-on-investment of our time and money.
      Whether there is a return depends much upon the participants, not the

      I have RPCV contacts with people who are still cynical about the time they
      "wasted" 40 years ago. And there are those who still think so positively
      about the experience they cannot be objective.

      For me, going back to the basic premise of the original Peace Corps act of
      congress would be the best place to start. "The purpose and mission of
      the Peace Corps is to promote world peace and friendship." Place the
      emphasis on friendship and practice peace.

      For the most-part all of the things learned and accomplished by one
      generation will be relearned, rebuilt, remodeled, repaired, or removed by
      following generations. What this means is that each generation must
      affirmatively engage in becoming better people and making the world a
      better place. If not we regress.

      More later, if I don't too involved in the continual re-invention of my
      own life.

      I have a question about Afghanistan for those of you who have been there.
      John, Eric, Paul, come to mind. Anyone else?

      Are we doing the right thing? The right way? What are your
      recommendations for an ordinary citizen/voter? Should I oppose or support
      military escalation, or should I just stay out of the way? Are there
      appropriate and/or effective alternatives? Can we practice a policy of
      cold-war "containment" like we did with the Soviet Union, and tried to do
      with other totalitarian communist states? What questions should I be

      Enough for now,


      > PCV survey. Also, I think I've moderated my view of Peace Corps over the
      > years on what it can/cannot effect or even should. Remember when Vyrle
      > showed us a photo of a before and after shot of a village and it was the
      > same one? It's a good lesson. I think the experience was more for me than
      > the village. In some contexts this "development" work can actually
      > exaccerbate conflict or run counter to building nascent government line
      > capacity.
      > What do you think? I think we all automatically say say what a great
      > program it is due to our experiences which few have, but one time when I
      > asked a Mexican friend of mine if she ever did Peace Corps she said
      > bitterly she was too poor to do it, among other things. She really dislike
      > the concept and thought it was more for well-to-do white kids with means.
      > I've never heard much of a valid critique of the program other than the
      > usual funding back and forth. The survey should help them move forward and
      > illustrates they may be fighting for continued relevance currently.
      > What do you think?
      > JP
      > --- On Wed, 10/7/09, president@...
      > <president@...> wrote:
      > From: president@... <president@...>
      > Subject: Better, Bolder Peace Corps - Take our Survey
      > To: JPPATTEN98@...
      > Date: Wednesday, October 7, 2009, 9:20 PM
      > Dear John,
      > For the next phase of the our MorePeaceCorps Campaign, the National Peace
      > Corps Association is seeking input from all members of the Peace Corps
      > community (applicants, PCVs, family of PCVs, RPCVs, staff) on how to best
      > improve and embolden the Peace Corps to meet the challenges of the 21st
      > century.  Between now and Thursday, October 22nd, we ask you to take our
      > better, bolder Peace Corps survey.  
      > Please follow this link to take the survey:
      > http://www.surveymonkey.com/s.aspx?sm=bHFBlSzPNqwfvs5AlGn84w_3d_3d
      > Because of the many issues to consider, please expect to set aside 10 - 20
      > minutes to complete this survey.  After you finish, please forward this
      > link to as many members of the Peace Corps community as possible. 
      > Initial results of the survey will appear in the winter edition of
      > WorldView magazine.
      > Thank you in advance for your input.
      > Kevin F. F. Quigley
      > Thailand 1976-1979
      > President
      > ps – Subscription to WorldView magazine is a benefit of membership in
      > the NPCA.  Learn more and join here .
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