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5437One meal can turn into 90!

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  • kristen cheney
    May 30, 2009
    Hi All,

    A Uganda update: I just heard from my research coordinator, Faridah, who is now also our Empower coordinator in my study community. The 20 kids our UD Empower group is assisting with school fees have now started school, and they are very happy. See some of their pictures below.

    Their families, however, are still struggling to meet some of the needs of their children that would help ensure their success in school, particularly nutritious lunches. Research has shown that having adequate meals is a significant factor in academic success for children. Our HIV-positive students especially need nutritious food to stay healthy. It costs only $12/term to provide a hot lunch for children at school, but this fee is prohibitive for a lot of the children, whose elderly grandmothers are raising them after the deaths of their parents and thus have no income. Many cannot provide adequate food at home, either.

    Can you please help with a donation, however small, to help us help these wonderful, bright kids do well in school? http://www.firstgiving.com/kristencheney

    I'm challenging you to skip one fast food meal this week and help a kid in Uganda eat for a whole term. Just $5 from each of us would help these kids get at least one nutritious meal a day. Most of us spend much more than that in one visit to a restaurant; you probably won't miss it (and may benefit from skipping a fast food meal), but these kids will certainly notice the difference by not having to study hungry. Please help us as we build our capacity to shape the future for African AIDS orphans. http://www.firstgiving.com/kristencheney



    "...for f*ck’s sake, the only thing that privilege is good for is to try to help other people." –Junot Diaz