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  • Scott Geibel
    Jul 29, 2008
      2 under 2 were so hard for us, our minds still say no to 3 under 5 although our hearts say yes. The fact that I'm pushing 40 this year doesn't help. Do I want adolescents in the house after 55? Decisions....
      We're probably going to spend this Christmas break in Cape Town. The last time I was there was my last stop going home from Malawi. On Mandela's 80th birthday I got on a 747 from Cape Town to Miami. Didn't he just turn 90? I've spent way too much time here.
      On Tue, Jul 29, 2008 at 1:07 PM, Elizabeth Bell <elizabeth_bell@...> wrote:

      I sooo agree with the Rs.  I love hearing the descriptions of life at the McNulty's.

      And as a mom of 3 under 4 (and for a very looong 6 months 3 under 3!) I recommend a Baby Bjorn and a double stroller, just be sure to check the stroller before you get to the check out line, you will undoubtedly find the oddest combination of nonessential merchandise skillfully "acquire" as you shopped.  The low hanging fruit so to speak.

      Here in Georgia that glowing orb is a fiery disc that seemingly takes up the entire sky 20 hours  a day causing heat induced hallucinations and mirages all year round soooo.....we are fleeing(Flee OJ! But now I digress) to South Africa to the advantage of it's temperate year round climate among other things (Capetown!  Live kwasa kwasa!  Good cheap wine!  Ostrich biltong!).  

      We move the whole kit 'n caboodle (always wanted to write that) - husband, 3 kids and of course the long suffering dog - in September.  Look us up in Pretoria if anyone is that way, you've always got a bed if you can stand the noise.

      My new email address is belle@..., but this comcast one will still be in use for another 6 weeks or so.

      Happy trails,

      P.S   I am bequeathing my Power's No 1 cache to Messrs Deb and Rand Wise to be used only on special RPCV/Malawi occasions such as weddings, births and Saturday nights.

      On 7/28/08 7:08 PM, "Rey & Robin" <rsampaga@...> wrote:


      My friend,
      We see that here in NM a lot.  There is also a gentle humming in the
      air from Taos.  Apparently the earth geomagnetic lines intersect at a
      congruity close to Taos that channels positive energy to anyone
      living nearby.  Explains the presence of Shirley MacLaine in Sante Fe
      but I digress.  Why couldn't she live in Sedona closer to Dudders,
      but again I digress.
      My friend, please add "Writing" to your calling.  Your descriptive
      email truly was a joy to behold in its reading.  Your joy in being a
      father completely shows through and I had not a little laugh at your
      dilemma of going shopping with three little ones.  My recommendation,
      and the picture that came to mind: BIG LONG CHITENJE. Bundle two in
      front one to each teat if you will, one in back, frees up both hands
      to hold bags, or to be able to feed the baby, or to pat the children,
      and off you go........
      Congratulations to you and the Missus on the new wee one in Sept. and
      please use SPF 100 or more. Your children, like us, want you both
      around for a long long time for the company and at least more of your
      delightful writing.........Ta-ra.

      --- In ujeni@yahoogroups.com <mailto:ujeni%40yahoogroups.com> , Matthew McNulty <mcnurty@...> wrote:
      > and how it burns when you allow its rays to touch your skin.
      > Summer has finally FINALLY arrived in Seattle.  Don't get me wrong,
      I hate the heat (could reach the high 70s today), and the girls are
      up with the sun (ahhhh 0620 on a day off, I love you so) but the mood
      of not only my house hold but also the city did a 180 two days ago
      when it was finally beautiful outside.
      > Saoirse and Mia are perfect.  Mia runs through the house wearing a
      tutu singing "Happy Day to You" which sounds a lot like Happy
      Birthday, or twinkle twinkle little star.  Saoirse vaselates between
      wearing a long purple gown given to her by goodwill to a Laoise
      Jersey that hew uncle Anthony sent her.  Both are a joy a hand full,
      as caring as they could possibly be, loving and fighting each other
      at every turn.
      > Margaret has been thankful for the cool spring summer.  She has
      been showing for awhile now, but she is really starting to get big. 
      We are due in September.  Some say early some say late.  Depends if
      you use a "wheel," when the last day of your last menstrual cycle
      was, the size of the child in ultrasound... or which member of the
      coven of witches you speak with.
      > I am still doing the nursing thing at the University of Washington
      Medical Center.  I wear many different capes ("hats" is the
      appropriate article of clothing, but I like to think of myself as a
      super hero...therefore a  cape...unless I was Robinhood)  I am a
      staff nurse on a 30 bed Medical/Tele floor, I work as the transport
      RN for the hospital three days a month, and now they have me in
      charge of said med/tele floor at least one a week.  Charge SUCKS, I
      hate all of the small town politics and get really tired of
      witnessing just how inept some of the "professionals" I work with are.
      > Right now either Margaret or I are always home with the girls.  I
      work three days a week, we overlap on Tuesdays and then Margaret
      works 4 days a week.  I look forward to a last paternity leave.  I
      will take 6 weeks or so come the new year.
      > I still cannot figure out how I am going to walk up to the shops
      with three kids under the age of 4.  Strap on to my chest, one to my
      back, and have Saoirse walk with me...  we shall see.
      > Well Met Luz, good to hear from you.
      > Much love old friend,
      > The McNulty 5
      > Your silence will not protect you, they will see you through your


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