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  • papadud
    Jun 25, 2008
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      Gertrude and I got back from another trip to Malawi with some of my students. We were able to do a bunch of projects in the village. We worked to finish 2 of 4 teacher houses that were started several years ago by some NGO but were left unfinished. We repaired a bunch of student desks and hired a Form 3 student in the village to finish them to pay for school fees. We helped paint the local health center, introduced rabbits as another food source and provider of organic material to help fertilize a garden. The first 3 were named Adam, Eve & Evaline. Adam & Eve hit it off pretty quickly which lead to the quote of the trip from my son "Daddy, why is Adam shaking like that?"

      After we worked in the village we traveled north to Nyika & Vwanza Marsh. The kids had a really good time, but the silly part of all is that several of us got food poisoning at a tourist spot on the beach. We ate so well in the village, the kids really liked beans and nsima.

      When my school posts the pictures the kids took, I will pass along the link. We have received a $50,000 matching grant to continue this project for 3 more years. What to do with $150,000? A good problem to have, and ideas are welcome.


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      I got back in touch with a teaching friend from St. Mary's in Zomba. Looks like the ujeni can still work some magic. It has been too quiet as of late though. I know everyone may not share my interest in seeing what everyone is up to...but here goes anyway. I will just attach a quick photo and leave it at that. Its a photo of my two girls and our extra girl Sammy (our exchange student from Venezuela who just returned home). If others are interested in sharing re:kids, homes, jobs, travel, etc. throw in your 2 cents. I will be interested. Hope everyone is well.
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