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  • kristen cheney
    Nov 28, 2007
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      Hi All,

      Forwarded by a friend -- some good suggestions for holiday giving.
      Thought you might appreciate them.


      ---------- Forwarded message ----------

      Hi all - These came through on my ASU email address. I thought they
      were actually useful... Let's all have a clutter-free,
      anti-consumerist, sweatshop-free, environmentally sensitive holiday.
      xo, H


      Gift Giving Ideas
      o Send holiday e-cards instead of standard greeting cards, or
      buy recycled content cards.
      o Make gifts instead of purchasing them - baked goods are always fun.
      o Give locally made gifts - support your local economy.
      o Look for gifts that are minimally packaged, or have no package at all.
      o Consider the impact of your gift.
      o Re-gifting is a good way to recycle.
      o Give the gift of reusables by giving a reusable grocery sack,
      water bottle or lunch container and teach someone the value of reuse.
      o Gift certificates are great for gifts you know will be kept.
      o Want to give a nonmaterial gift? How about giving to charity
      in someone's name, or buy tickets to an event such as a concert,
      sports event, etc.
      o Consider purchasing a more durable item that will last longer.
      If money is an issue for something of considerable value, consider
      going in on a gift for someone with other family members.
      o Purchase recycled contents products to close the recycling loop.
      o When shopping for gifts, make sure to use reusable shopping bags!

      After the holidays…
      o Save packing materials, wrapping and tissue paper for reuse.
      o Save bows, ribbon, tags and gift bags for next year.
      o Compost your leftover food.
      o Recycle your tree - Some communities collect trees to make
      mulch- check into your local program opportunities.
      o Continue green living - live better and become more
      eco-conscious all year long!

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      the lack of clouds."
      -- Luganda Proverb