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5261Re: [ujeni] My book is out!

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  • kristen cheney
    Aug 13, 2007
      Thanks Liz,
      I'm at the University of Dayton, and I just started a new research project on the survival strategies of African AIDS orphans this summer. Some of the kids from the study in the book are now in their late teens, and we trained them as research assistants. It's great to see them form mentoring relationships with the younger children as they learn a marketable skill. It's a social research project, but if I ever need some epidemiological info, I may call on you ;o).
      How are you doing? How are your boys?? Hope you're doing well. If you're ever passing through Dayton, do look me up!

      On 8/13/07, Elizabeth Bell <elizabeth_bell@...> wrote:

      Kristin, let me be the first to say congratulations!  I can only imagine the time and effort that went into it, what an accomplishment.

      Where are you teaching now – and have you decided on a topic for your next book???

      : )

      Liz Bell

      On 8/13/07 12:42 AM, "kristen cheney" <kcheney12@...> wrote:


      Hi All,

      I'm very proud to announce the release of my first book, Pillars of the Nation: Child Citizens and Ugandan National Development. I just got an advance copy, and it's up on the press' website:

      University of Chicago Press: http://www.press.uchicago.edu/cgi-bin/hfs.cgi/00/227459.ctl  <http://www.press.uchicago.edu/cgi-bin/hfs.cgi/00/227459.ctl>

      It's not even available in paperback on Amazon yet, and it's already ranked #3,288,639! Not bad, huh??


      "The rainmaker who doesn't know what he's doing will be found out by the lack of clouds."
      -- Luganda Proverb
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