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  • Don and Cathy Weber
    Jun 23, 2007
      Hi John, Jesse, Luz..
      Thank you all for sending pictures of kids.  Gee, they're cute, everyone of them.  Have fun!  And congratulations, John, on the prospective new arrival.   Where are you and what are you doing, now that you aren't in Afghanistan? 
      Now I'm going to play the grandmother role.  John, you gave me the excuse since the last time we were together was in Pretoria and you met our grandsons.  And, you were just barely expecting your first.  She's beautiful  They've all grown.  Max, our oldest will be a senior this year and Ben a freshman.  The picture of Ben was taken at 8th grade graduation.  He was making a graduation speech about individualism, hence the bow tie that Grandpa took him shopping to find...not an easy thing .   Pictures of the 3 granddaughters will come later.  
      Jesse, I just found some pictures of you guys at Luz and Rob's wedding that I have had in an envelope for how many years, Rob and Luz?  I'd want to mail them to you so will need your physical address.
      Tsalani bwino everyone,
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      Here are the photos that I want to share with you.

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