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5233Did you read the "Peace Corps(e) News?"

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  • Matthew McNulty
    Feb 7, 2007
      This was actually written in an "Official" PC news letter.  "Ironic" is right.  What a JOKE, is this crap for real?  I love Zero Tolerance in one of the last shadows of soul that our government facilitates.  Whats next, subsidized school lurches being taken from children whom do not finish their spinach?  What a Joke!
      Can I be terminated for being away from my site without permission?
      Costa Rica Peace Corps Volunteer Gringa Perdida writes: This week we've lost a volunteer. Saturday, Mike is leaving on a jet plane. This is nothing less than tragic. Actually, I believe 'ironic' would be a better describer. Mike was faced with 'administrative separation' for not calling Peace Corps to tell them that he would be passing the night out of his site. He was working in San Jose, and simply forgot to call in. It's something I, in my gnat-like attention span and attention to detail, have done more than once. Peace Corps found out and he was given the option to quit or be fired. So he had 24 hours to pack his things, say goodbye to his community and get out of the country. There is a policy, of course. The new policy is 'zero tolerance' and he is being made an example of. Anytime subjectivity is removed from punishments, it always seems to fall on the people that deserve it the least. 

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