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5225Blantyre Update & Holiday Greetings

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  • Richa Wilson
    Dec 29, 2006
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      Happy Holidays to all! Thought you might be interested in the following
      information I received from a former co-worker in Blantyre. (Don Weber, it's
      from Enaya Mtawali, the purchasing clerk.)

      "For your information, all street Vendors are off the streets and are now
      back into the Flea markets and other designated places approved by the City
      Authorities. Old unhistoric buildings are demolished and some are undergoing
      unspecified maintenance works including re-painting etc. Minibus call- boys
      along the streets and around the bus stops are now in the Archives. Our
      incumbent President, Bingu Wa Mthanrika embarked on �Operation Dongosolo�
      in other words, �Operation Tidy�. The Cities and Towns are looking smarter
      and cleaner than they were some ten years ago."

      "Guess what! Our former President Bakili Muluzu was arrested and is now out
      on bail following his involvement in series of corrupt practices during
      during his tenure of office."

      "Also ex � Mayor, John Chikakwiya of Blantyre City Assembly was convicted
      and sentenced to eighteen months imprisonment with hard labour on
      allegations of swindling cash donation ( MK 500,000) from Grain & Milling
      Company meant for the Assembly in rehabilitating Nkolokoti road in South
      Lunzu- Machinjiri township."

      "Chipembere Highway will soon be undergoing an expansion program �a four
      �lane carriage way following the Agreement signed between our Government and
      Japanese�s. The expansion work will affect Highway from Larji Kurji round
      �about in Blantyre to Commercial Bank round �about in Limbe . The Japanese
      Government has, since founded the Project and it will finish off in
      December, 2008."

      On a personal note, all is well in Utah. Ski season has arrived and we'll
      hit the slopes for the first time on Sunday.

      We just returned from a vacation in Cancun with extended family. Attached
      is a photo of my husband, me, and my stepchildren. Olivia (16) is living
      with us; Jonathan (22) is studying environmental engineering at University
      of Nevada.

      My husband has a business trip to Cape Town in Africa. I'll tag along and
      we'll swing up to Malawi for a few days. I'm looking forward to seeing my
      former colleagues and visiting my host family.

      Warm greetings to all and a Happy New Year!

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