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5184Travel with Kids

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  • Luz Huntington
    Aug 8, 2006
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      To all interested parents..
      I am happy to report that Rob and I have survived international travel with
      two kids under the age of 5. Sure it was touch and go sometimes but it can
      be done. hahaha

      Anyway, we did have a really nice trip to Bolivia for three weeks. With some
      luck, none of us got sick and a couple of bad nights due to teething is
      really the only complaint. Much to my surprise, the girls ate really well
      and weren't picky. We traveled to southern Bolivia this time and really
      enjoyed it.

      I am not sure I recommend this kind of extended travel to a country such as
      Bolivia which is beautiful but struggling with its infrastructure...but it
      can be done. Some of you on this listserv live overseas with young children
      and may be able to give better insight into the challenges. I am just happy
      we all enjoyed the trip, travel and family.

      Hope everyone is well. Those of you who are stateside and are planning to
      travel internationally with small children I am definitely willing to chat
      about it. Have now seen about 80% of Bolivia, if anyone is traveling there
      soon, can give some tips.