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  • kristen cheney
    Jul 26, 2006

      Hi All,


      (Sorry for any duplicates) I have been appointed assistant professor of cultural anthropology at the University of Dayton in Ohio. Yep, I'm returning to the Midwest! It'll be hard to leave the temperate weather of CA's central coast, but it'll double my income while cutting my living expenses in half. And I'll have health insurance again. Yay!


      My partner Scott and my cat Chloe are coming with. We'll be within driving distance of our parents, who live in the Detroit area. We've rented a newly renovated 3-bedroom house in a historic district near the university – for $400 less than our one-bedroom apartment in Santa Cruz! If you should be passing through or want to check out the 'birthplace of aviation', please stop by for a visit!


      As of 8/1, our new contact information will be:


      Kristen Cheney & Scott Crawford

      428 Alberta St.

      Dayton, OH 45410-1321


      Home phone: 937-220-9626


      My e-mail: kcheney12@...


      I've had a number of e-mail addresses in the past that I'm trying to cull, so please replace my Hotmail or UCSC address in your address book with this one.



      Peace & Love,




      "The rainmaker who doesn't know what he's doing will be found out by the lack of clouds."
      -- Luganda Proverb