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5178RE: [ujeni] Greetings from eastern Oregon

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  • david burrows
    Jul 21, 2006
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      This is the most interesting development. Who would love to see Madonna
      traipsing about rural Malawi? I bet she would be jealous that there are no
      zitenje bearing her image.

      But I have heard of this place and have been there. In fact Consol Homes,
      one of the local partners described in the website (and seemingly the HQ for
      this project) has hosted both a Crisis Corps and Peace Corps Volunteer. I
      did a bit of the site development for the Crisis Corps in 2003 and was
      rather impressed with their operation. The details escape me, but I found
      the Executive Director of the project to have rather ambitious, but not
      outlandish, goals. There was a strong base of volunteers from the
      surrounding community and few buildings built for the express purpose of
      providing some classrooms and an office for the group. What Consol Homes
      needed, and the Executive Director agreed with this, was some project
      design, financial management and misc administrative skills. Based on the
      website, it seems there will be no shortage of resources.

      As far as people involved, PC may still be in touch. I saw a demonstration
      garden in their model center, which makes me think Stacia Nordin may have
      had her fingers in the pot at somepoint, but that is just guessing.

      The Consol Homes of 2003/04 was a place that gave the impression of
      responsibility and good stewardship of resources. They knew where they
      wanted to go and some of the challenges (beyond financial resources) that
      they needed to overcome to get there.

      That's all I can remember, hope is sheds some light.


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      >20 July
      >Dear ujeni folks,
      >Have any of you heard of the Raising Malawi Project for Orphans which is
      >building an orphan care center near Namitete?
      >Check out their website at;
      >Who do we know in Malawi who might be involved in this?
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