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5175Greetings from eastern Oregon

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  • Susan Peterson
    Jul 17, 2006
      Greetings Everyone,
      Hope you are all fine and enjoying a warm and adventurous summer!  About a year ago Danny, Noah and I relocated to eastern Oregon. Since I just re-joined the ugeni, I thought I'd give you an update. We are living in La Grande and enjoying small town life (although it does get a bit boring!!!), the mountians, the desert, and yes, I'm even getting used to being a rural, conservitive community. Although thankfully we are not the most liberal in town, but we do all hang out together!
      Danny is now working for Eastern Oregon University and we thought (hoped) we'd left the controversary of higher education behind when we left Southern Oregon Univeristy, but I guess every university has it's issues!  I decided that my job in student health was a bit too stressful to try and persue that here. Noah is now 2 1/2 and quite the active little guy!  I'm working at a local art studio/pottery shop. 
      We did have some fun skiing this winter, both cross country and downhill. We were given a hand-me-down cross country ski sled to use with Noah, which he loved, until we got caught in a big snow storm, then he hated it!  I did ski with him in the back pack at a small ski area outside of Joseph. He LOVED it!  Of course I loved it..... but boy was it a workout! My parents made that look so easy with my little brother!  We took him snow shoeing  a couple of times, that just wasn't quite as exciting as skiing, even when he got to wear his own snow shoes!
      Summer has been full of all the things small towns are known for. We can ride bikes everywhere, La Grande is a little hilly and Noah insists I go faster up the hills when he's in the trailer! We've gone on some great hikes along the river that are pure joy for a 2 year old.... throwing rocks in a river, does life get any better????  We had a trip thru the desert to my parents in south eastern Oregon, the boys stayed there while my friends and I hooked up for a weekend at Mt. Shasta..... we all got food poisioning and it was 105, so we spent some time rehydrating in the ER!
      We're off to the beach (not in eastern Oregon), in hopes of cooler weather, next week, then lots of camping trips in August.
      We've had some fun adventures and are always looking for more, so if you're headed to the Wallowa Mountians (Joseph) or passing thru in I-84, let us know, we're about 2 1/2 hours west of Boise. 
      Have a great summer!
      Sue Peterson
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