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5171RE: [ujeni] Come join us in Indiana!!

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  • Jason Booker
    Jun 23, 2006
      Hello Luz--

      How are you? I only have a quick minute here as I am off to customs to
      collect my international shipment. I wanted to find out where you are
      living because Kara and I will be driving East to West in a few weeks. We
      will make a pass through Ohio to see my sister and mom. Let me know your
      town and I'll mapquest it and see if I can make it work.


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      >Subject: [ujeni] Come join us in Indiana!!
      >Date: Wed, 21 Jun 2006 13:03:29 +0000
      >Historic Cannelton Properties up for Auction
      >Here is a unique opportunity for anyone interested in small business,
      >historic preservation, and contributing to a little known community....
      >The Castlebury Inn Bed and Breakfast and The Blue Heron House in Cannelton,
      >Indiana are going up for auction on July 6, 2006. You can view a photo of
      >the Castlebury Inn at www.bbonline.com/in/castlebury/index.html.
      >Both properties have already been restored and reasonably well maintained.
      >May require some minor restoration efforts. It is expected that both
      >properties will be quite reasonable to purchase.
      >Bare in mind that Cannelton is a community with a lot of potential but also
      >a lot of hurdles to cross. The community has many historic buildings (check
      >out www.perrycountyindiana.org/tours/walkingtour.cfm) in need of repair.
      >community is surrounding by the Hoosier National Forest and is right on the
      >banks of the Ohio River. Cannelton is one hour west of Louisville, KY and
      >one hour east of Evansville, IN. The hurdles include the fact that limited
      >business runs through this town. The individual interested would have to
      >step up marketing and advertising efforts.
      >So bottomline is ...if you are interested in relocating, running a small
      >business and want to get in on the ground level of a historic district with
      >lots of potential- This is the place for you!! Its great for raising kids
      >I will attempt to post Photos and the Name of the Auction Service by the
      >of the week.
      >Thanks for your interest, Luz Huntington-Moskos.
      >PS The local school is looking for an English Teacher.
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