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5165Coffee may cut alcohol liver damage

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  • Matthew McNulty
    Jun 15, 2006
      One addiction to stave off the negative effects of another.  So now that I am wired on coffee I will need something to bring me back down to where I was with the alcohol.  Instead of entering into an endless beer-coffee-beer-coffee-beer-coffee-beer-coffee- beer-coffee-beer-beer-beer-coffee loop (does the word dehydration mean anything to you?), I think we should add something else to help mellow and prepare us to relax.
      Heroin is always an option, prescription downers would work also.  I am sure that the left wing liberal media would suggest a balanced diet, exercise, plenty of water and sleep along with moderate use of alcohol and caffeine.  Being as I am an Ameri-can, I want want want to use use use all that god has put at my disposal.  Any suggestions?

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