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5046RE: [ujeni] How many of you still have the signed 200K bills?

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  • Eric Bone
    Mar 10, 2006
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      I have my signed bill in my Malawi picture album, right next to my picure of Josephine Katenga and I standing in line to get the autograph. 
      Last time I was in Malawi was 2001 for our honeymoon (or as Jacqui says our "honeymoon").  I recently heard from my host father, SH Mchizi of Ekwendeni, that much of his family was put in jail for a week for "contempt of court."  He did not explain what they were in court for in the first place.  I imagine it had something to do with his work with the ever-shifting political parties.

      David Binkowski <d_bink@...> wrote:
      I have that signed bill somewhere, probably packed up in a box in CT.  My sister just sent the last box of Dedza pottery I was storing at her house (...all these years).  It's great to hear where everyone is and what you are doing.  I am still teaching high school math in San Francisco.
      If I keep to the promise I made to my Malawian students and friends when I was leaving the country, I will be visiting in the summer of 2007 (10 years after I left).  I know the Don and Kathy went with their grandchildren, has anyone else been back recently?
      Tsalani bwino, David Binkowski

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      Subject: [ujeni] How many of you still have the signed 200K bills?
      Date: Sun, 05 Mar 2006 04:31:57 +0000

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