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4961RE: [ujeni] for sake of argument

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  • Scott Geibel
    Dec 23, 2005
      I can think of something more annoying than an Irish rock star in a cowboy
      hat pontificating about African aid: It's an elitist snob writer who thinks
      his inconsequential personal experiences in Africa intellectually trump the
      substantive material and moral contributions of others. List the African
      contributions/impact of the Writer on one side of a piece of paper, and then
      list the same for the Rock Star and the Billionaire Nerd on the other...
      there's no comparison.

      A short list of the Writer's contributions includes teaching a few classes
      and planting gonorrhea in teenage African girls. He can keep his pencils and
      paper; expecting Africa to independently catch up using his 40 year-old
      technologies? I dunno....

      We need to start thinking outside the box in improving education and access
      to information. Over the next 10 years, if they can keep the cost of these
      computers down as they say to $100 (mobile phones were more expensive), and
      if they aren't complete pieces of crap, Gates won't need to give them out...
      Africans will be buying them. It's a productive idea worth pursuing; no more
      insane than rural mobile phones and anti-retroviral therapy were 10 years


      > Mr. Gates wants to send computers to Africa - an unproductive not to
      > say insane idea. I would offer pencils and paper, mops and brooms:
      > the schools I have seen in Malawi need them badly.
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