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4788Re: [ujeni] Has everyone come through the hurricane?

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  • Rand Wise
    Sep 1, 2005
      I haven't heard anything from anyone from the directly affected areas. My only relative who lives in the area
      is serving in Iraq currently, so it is with some irony that I am grateful that he was not in the path of the hurricane.
      Deb and I were brainstorming, but didn't know if anyone from our group lives along that stretch of the gulf.
      In any event, the news of the devastation has moved us, and our hearts and sympathy go out to the people there
      and to any of you who have friends or family there. Maybe it's too early, but if anyone hears of good ways to help
      please pass them along. Giving to the Red Cross is a sure bet.

      On the indirect side though, reports of Atlanta appear to be even more exaggerated elsewhere
      than they are here. Yesterday someone started an untrue rumor that gas stations would be
      closing at 6 PM because of a shortage of gas. Even with many people knowing the rumor was false,
      it set off long lines at gas stations during the rush hour commute home, making many intersections
      and exits tedious. In the last few days I have noticed regular generally going for about $2.59 a gallon. Yesterday
      afternoon it was up to $2.79 at most places. On an errand around 8 PM last night I noticed a station
      that had been at $2.79 a few hours earlier was up to $3.09, the highest price I have seen. There are a
      few reports of price gouging, the highest I have seen is $5.87, but the report also said that station owner wasn't
      selling much at that price and lowered his price $2 per gallon after a few hours.

      Though the price increases are not as extreme as reported, it is troubling to see the sense of public panic.
      Lines of cars waiting to get into gas stations, people standing out of their cars fuming with impatience...definitely
      the scariest and most surreal rush hour I've ever seen in Atlanta.


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      31 August 2005<BR>
      The news of the hurricane is reaching us in full force. Doesn't look<BR>
      Anyone in trouble out there?<BR>
      6 dollar gasoline in Atlanta. What else is happening?<BR>
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