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4749for RPCVS teaching in NYC

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  • varsha ghosh
    Aug 4, 2005

      A nice recognition but also includes money for supplies, etc.

      hope everyone is well--Varsha


      "Living a Life of Service Award" Application Information

      > Posted by Request

      On behalf of our Honorary Chair, Caroline Kennedy and the Board of
      Directors of the Peace Corps Fund, I am writing to request your nomination
      for the "Living a Life of Service Awards," to be held on Thursday,
      September 29th 2005. This prestigious award will honor five Returned Peace
      Corps Volunteers who currently teach in the New York City public schools
      and promote cross-cultural understanding among their students.

      Each will receive a grant to enable them to continue these efforts. This
      and future events will raise money to endow similar projects by other
      returned Peace Corps volunteers in education, business, medicine,
      government and the arts.

      The awards will be presented to five teachers, one from each borough, at
      the Peace Corps Fund First Annual Gala held on Thursday, September 29,
      2005 7:00- 10:00 at The Puck Building in Manhattan.

      To be selected the teacher must:
            1. Be a returned Peace Corps volunteer (RPCV)
            2. Be teaching in New York City (5 Boroughs) in a public school
            3. Actively participate in the third goal of Peace Corps - "To
      promote a better understanding of other people on the part of   the
      American people."

      Teachers may nominate themselves or be nominated by another teacher,
      principal or Teacher Center Instructional Specialist.  Teachers should
      write a 300-500 word description of how they are fulfilling the third goal
      of Peace Corps.  This essay will neither be a formal grant application nor
      will it be judged on its literary content.  Additionally, please complete
      an information form and write a 5-6 sentence biography to be included in
      the program if selected for an award.

      Nomination deadline is Monday, September, 12, 2005.

      For more information and questions, please feel free to contact the Peace
      Corps Fund at 212-228-3128 or mailto:awards@....

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