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  • Don & Cathy Weber
    Jun 1, 2005
      Did I miss something when we were in Malawi?  The only national treatment program I knew of back in 1995 was to put an AIDS patient in a little bed with another patient (with still another patient on a mattress on the floor between beds) and hope their guardians took care of them.  Now if they had TB, maybe multidrug resistant but who knew because there was no testing, you gave them TB meds.  Oh, I forgot there were 2 programs...the man with the magical tree bark potion and the rich guys paying for drugs from out of the country.  I guess I just never considered those national treatment programs.  Malawi couldn't have afforded a national treatment program if they are talking about the use of antiretrovirals at a time when our drug companies wouldn't budge on costs and invoked the WTO patent rules against cheap copies.    Cathy
      Malawi: Concern Over Aids Treatment Delays

      UN Integrated Regional Information Networks

      May 30, 2005
      Posted to the web May 31, 2005


      Malawians needing anti-AIDS treatment have been placed on waiting lists due to the government's drug rollout plan being plagued by delays.

      Although the national treatment programme was implemented more than 10 years ago, the Malawi Network of People living with HIV/AIDS (MANET+) said there had been delays of up to six months in some areas.

      MANET+ director Victor Kamanga told a radio station operated by the Malawi Institute of Journalism that people in the advanced stage of AIDS infection and in urgent need of antiretrovirals were being turned away.

      The government recently said it planed to use US $20 million from the Global Fund to treat 44,000 HIV-positive people by the end of June 2005.

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