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4562RE: [ujeni] You have received photos from Adobe Photoshop Album

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  • Paul DEVER
    Mar 7, 2005
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      Man...did I really have that much hair back then????????

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      From: "Don & Cathy Weber" <weber@...>
      Reply-To: ujeni@yahoogroups.com
      To: <ujeni@yahoogroups.com>
      Subject: [ujeni] You have received photos from Adobe Photoshop Album
      Date: Mon, 7 Mar 2005 18:20:04 -0800

      (I started to send this to Luz and Rob and Paul only but then looked at the
      picture again and thought everyone might enjoy it. It was taken outside the
      Presidents palace just before the PC 35th anniversary celebration.
      Interesting moment...classic of Paul, don't you think?)

      Luz and Rob...how are things going on your house? Luz...did you finish your
      masters work? Haven't seen pictures of Violet for a long time! What's new?
      We had breakfast with Ken Spafford and Mike Sobel (coincidently passing
      through) in Phoenix in December. We didn't get up to see Dan, Gertrude and
      kids this last trip but will be going back to Arizona, now that Jenny's in
      Phoenix, and will go see them for sure.

      Paul...it's Camp Fire Girl cookie time again. What's your mailing address?

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