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4517We are alive and well!

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  • Kym Walther
    Jan 28, 2005
      Hello everyone!
      WE are alive and well, and having the time of our lives!  We arrived in Brisbane Australia this morning, and we are still a little bit in "first world" culture shock.  We have been exploring this AMAZING city all day, and Scott and I each keep asking ourselves "where are the random stray dogs all over the place?  Where are the begging children?  Where are the 25 cent dinner vendors all ver the place?  Where are the city busses kicking out dark black smog?, wow, the city is so clean"  Sounds like a great time, huh?  Really, Thailand and Cambodia were absolutely undescribable, they are such amazing places, we had an unbelievable time!!!!  I have admittedly been a very bad girl, and have not updated you all on our wanderings and adventures.  I am about half caught up on my travel journal, and want to get caught up, then write to everyone, We are going to the beach tomorow, and I am going to do it then!!!!
      We are well, and having a blast!!!
      I miss you all tons!
      Updates coming soon!!! (I promise)
      Kym :-)

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