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4479Fwd: Unite for Sight volunteer opportunities in African countries

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  • kristen cheney
    Dec 17, 2004
      FYI -- Lots of great spring and summer volunteer gigs in Africa and elsewhere.


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      Date: Fri, 17 Dec 2004 13:14:14 -0800
      Subject: CASannc- Unite for Sight volunteer opportunities in Pobe,
      Benin and in other African countries
      Unite For Sight has volunteer opportunities in Pobe, Benin during the
      Spring 2005 semester to prescribe eyeglasses, implement eye health
      education programs, and coordinate cataract surgery programs. With only
      five ophthalmologists in Benin, eye health services are of tremendous need
      in the country.

      Short and long-term volunteer opportunities of 2 weeks or more are
      available in Benin from January 15 through February 15. Please contact
      JStaple@... and consult www.uniteforsight.org if you are
      interested in participating.

      Unite For Sight also has similar opportunities in numerous African, Asian,
      Eastern European, and Latin American countries. All persons over the age of
      18 are welcome to apply for these volunteer opportunities, including
      prehealth students, medical students, optometry students, public health
      professionals, doctors, corporate professionals, nurses, graduate students,
      retired professionals, and others. Unite For Sight volunteers prescribe
      eyeglasses, screen for eye disease and coordinate and fund diagnosis,
      treatment, and surgery by doctors. Volunteers also implement Train the
      Trainer programs for teachers and educate children and adults about eye
      health and ways to prevent blindness.

      Spring 2005

      Latin America
      Xela, Guatemala: Flexible Dates Between January and October 2005

      Buduburam Refugee Camp, Ghana: December 28 - February 28; February 15 - May
      15; May 15 - August 15
      Nyamuswa, Tanzania: January 15 - March 15
      Pobe, Benin: Flexible Dates between January 15 and May 15

      Bihar, India: March 6 - March 16 (SPRING BREAK INTERNSHIP)
      Chennai, India: February 10 - March 1 (SPRING BREAK INTERNSHIP)
      Hyderabad, India: March 1-30, 2005 (SPRING BREAK INTERNSHIP)

      Latin America
      Sarstun, Guatemala: April 16 - 24

      Eastern Europe
      Stepanavan and Tashir, Armenia: April 1 - June 1

      Summer 2005

      Latin America
      San Salvador, El Salvador: May 1 - May 30
      Xela, Guatemala: Flexible Dates through October 2005 (filled for June and
      July 2005)
      Sarstun, Guatemala: July 9 - 17

      Punjab, India: May 1 - May 30
      Nagpur, Maharashtra State, India: May 15 - June 1
      Alwar, Rajasthan, India: June 1 - June 30
      Pradesh, India: June 15 - June 30
      New Delhi, India: July 1 - July 30
      Kolkata, India: July 1 - August 10
      Chandigarh, India: August 15 - September 20

      lower north of Thailand: July 15 - August 1

      Buduburam Refugee Camp, Ghana: May 10 - July 10; July 5 - August 15
      Humjibre, Ghana: June 1 - July 30
      Dumasi, Malawi: June 1 - July 15
      Pobe, Benin: June 15 - July 30
      Kenya: June 1 - July 30
      Iringa Region, Uganda: June 2 - July 15
      Nyamuswa, Tanzania: July 1 - August 20
      Buea, Cameroon: August 1 - August 20

      Contact information: Please contact JStaple@... and consult
      www.uniteforsight.org if you are interested in participating.

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