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4454Big thank you to Richa

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  • John Patten
    Dec 2, 2004
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      Hi Richa,

      Sorry, could not find your personal email, but wanted
      to send a big thank you for sending the postcard. It's
      already on my wall and people have been asking if
      Arches National Park is in Afghanistan, because it
      kinda looks like it. You're right, mail day is just as
      exciting as in the Peace Corps, only instead of
      watching the ship roll in I get covered in dust
      straining to see if that's a mail bag in the back of a
      humvee. But here it only takes ten days with the APO
      address. I'm still waiting for Dever's package from

      As my UK friends say, "Big up to you," (that's not
      dirty in any way).


      ps- another confidential to Spence- Good luck with
      that, but with the responses sent in there are at
      least three or four jokes in there, and I'm straining
      at the bit not to be unseemly.

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