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  • John Patten
    Jun 13, 2004
      Hi y'all,

      Sorry to bug ya. I was wondering, as I am deep in
      forms to fill out for that US Govt job, if anyone
      might help. I have to go through rigorous
      investigation for security clearances and such, and
      they need a lot of names of people who knew me that
      they might be able to contact to ask about my time in
      Malawi, etc. The people have to be currently in the
      States though and a lot of colleagues simply live
      overseas with sporadic email contact. The Foreign
      Residence Form is really weird and confusing.

      Anyhoo, if you knew me fairly well or if we bonded at
      the beach party, please drop me your address and phone
      # so they could call you. I don't think the men in
      black will show up at your doorstep.

      I don't know if they ask, but for the record I never
      did drugs, and think I remember having one or two
      tokes back when Kajagoogoo was in fashion. And I did
      inhale. Although Rumsfeld never exhaled. At least I
      haven't done it in the past ten years of the
      investigation period. :)

      If you do not mind helping, send to my personal email
      instead of the whole group. It's jppatten98yahoo.com

      Thanks you guys,


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