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4163RE: [ujeni] Re: Exciting news from the Owens

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  • Vyrle Owens
    Apr 8, 2004
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      7 April 2004

      Dear Rey,

      Amazing what you learn about your own children after the years have
      traveled on.

      Thanks for the story and greetings to all of you,


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      Sent: Thursday, 01 April, 2004 14:33
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      Subject: [ujeni] Re: Exciting news from the Owens

      Dear Vyrle and Dolly, and Josh and Mrs. Josh Owens

      We would like to add our congratulations to you, Vyrle and Dolly, and
      an even more hearty congrats and "Best Wishes" to Josh and his wife.

      I would also like to share an anecdote about Josh. I was going to
      send it personally but it was too good to keep private and what
      better forum to disseminate a juicy one than the Ujeni.

      Well it goes like this....Remember the dedication ceremony of
      Roopangi Kadakia's Water Project in Zomba? That was spring of 1995
      or so. You attended the ceremony with Jane Bonin, Ambassador
      Chaveas, and Josh. The ceremony took place in the village up in the
      hills above Zomba. During the ceremony, Josh and I sat next to each
      I acted as his translator when the Chief of the village spoke.
      During the Chief's speech I translated for Josh the following: "Thank
      you for joining us today to be our meals. We promise to make your
      demise quick and painless. By the looks of you all you will be
      Of course, Josh said, "No. No. and No." with each translation.
      I am glad he was not so gullible and it did not scare him off joining
      Peace Corp.
      Anyway, he did get his dig in too.
      At the banquet afterwards at Zomba City Hall, he asked me if one of
      the meats we were eating was "animal or human?"
      I think it was that moment I knew he would make it.

      Please extend our good wishes again. And remind him to have fun too.
      Rey and Robin Sampaga

      --- In ujeni@yahoogroups.com, "Vyrle Owens" <vyrle@o...> wrote:
      > 28 March 2004
      > Dear all,
      > Our son Josh and his wife have received an invitation to become
      PCVs in
      > Senegal. Agro-forestry and agriculture extension projects. Sounds
      > great projects for them. Departure September 2004.
      > Vyrle and Dolly

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