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4087RE: [ujeni] Forgot one thing! My 2 cents...

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  • johooper@unm.edu
    Mar 11, 2004
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      You mentioned that you worked with the Navajo Nation. I am currently
      working on a project looking at diabetes prevention among Native
      Americans here in New Mexico. As part of my background research, I am
      particularly interested in the food commodities programs and perhaps
      how them impacted the local diet and changed it from the traditional
      healthier foods to ones high in fat and high glycemic index
      carbohydrates. Although I have heard people make reference to it, I
      am having a hard time finding any information that documents this
      historic event specifically in the literature searches that I have
      done. Do you have any references or ideas as to where I could find
      this information--for that matter, does anyone?


      Quoting Luz Huntington <luzhunt@...>:

      > <html><body>
      > <tt>
      > Joanna, Scott, John and Mark,<BR>
      > I am also a bit hesitant to contribute to this discussion but do
      > think I <BR>
      > have an important point to make. I really like Joanna's logical
      > approach to <BR>
      > monies spent on international health issues but ultimately I must
      > side with <BR>
      > Scott. I do feel it is extremely important to restore the health of
      > the most <BR>
      > productive adults in the community, those that need to provide for
      > their <BR>
      > children and elders. What will the future of African countries be
      > like if <BR>
      > AIDS wipes out their current generation of family providers?
      > Treatment is <BR>
      > very important and its success conveys a great deal of hope that can
      > not be <BR>
      > measured in terms of money.<BR>
      > <BR>
      > The specific point that I wish to add puts the focus back on our own
      > <BR>
      > country. Public health in the United States has shuffled much of its
      > funding <BR>
      > into bioterrorism preparedness since 9/11. It can be argued that that
      > <BR>
      > funding could be better spent on issues of malnutrition in our own
      > country's <BR>
      > poor or funneled into more immunization programs, etc. I witnessed
      > the need <BR>
      > for better immunization surviellance and nutrition programs in the
      > Navajo <BR>
      > Nation right here on American soil. I think a good bit of this
      > discussion <BR>
      > centers on social justice issues. And before we decide to stop
      > funding AIDS <BR>
      > chemotherapeutic agents in Africa we might want to simply look at
      > ourselves  <BR>
      > and the justice in the way we funnel monies in our own country. I do
      > not <BR>
      > mean to imple that bioterrorism preparedness is unimportant--I just
      > think <BR>
      > its important to reflect back on ourselves and our own country when
      > it comes <BR>
      > to limiting resources and social justice.<BR>
      > <BR>
      > I welcome any thoughts on my point and hope I have explained myself
      > clearly <BR>
      > so as not to offend any one.<BR>
      > <BR>
      > Thanks for the great discussion.<BR>
      > Luz<BR>
      > <BR>
      > <BR>
      > >From: "Holland, Mark" <holland@...><BR>
      > >Reply-To: ujeni@yahoogroups.com<BR>
      > >To: "'ujeni@yahoogroups.com'"
      > <ujeni@yahoogroups.com><BR>
      > >Subject: RE: [ujeni] Forgot one thing!<BR>
      > >Date: Thu, 11 Mar 2004 08:23:21 -0500<BR>
      > ><BR>
      > >Since this isn't my area at all I'm going to risk sounding
      > ignorant, but <BR>
      > >there are some great books by Paul Farmer on this topic
      > specifically.  <BR>
      > >Twice at least in the past 20 years he has launched a treatment
      > program <BR>
      > >using first-world drugs in a third-world context, first for
      > tuberculosis <BR>
      > >and now for HIV.  His thesis is that since prevention is
      > observably not <BR>
      > >working there is an obligation to move to treatment, regardless
      > of funding <BR>
      > >considerations.  If the funds are lacking, he argues, it's
      > necessary to <BR>
      > >generate them.<BR>
      > ><BR>
      > >If I'm understanding correctly each new intervention he has tried
      > has <BR>
      > >eventually shown measurable results.  Whether the model is
      > portable I don't <BR>
      > >know; perhaps his success is due primarily to his personal
      > abilities and <BR>
      > >stature.<BR>
      > ><BR>
      > >The Uses of Haiti, Tracy Kidder's biography Mountains beyond
      > Mountains, and <BR>
      > >Infections and Inequalities are all worth a read.<BR>
      > ><BR>
      > >Mark<BR>
      > <BR>
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