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  • John Patten
    Feb 1, 2004
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      Hi All,

      I finally got a website up with some of the
      photographs I took in my travels around Afghanistan
      from Jan 2002 to April 2003. The URL to paste in a
      browser is:


      It's a bit of a long URL and some browsers do not seem
      to like mweb, but I wanted to test it here on my own
      email's host site before I get a domain name, etc. If
      you are interested to see it, please give me feedback
      as to whether the links work for you, download times
      are reasonable, suggestions, etc. I'm a bit new at
      this. Please send to friends that might be interested
      in the development game.

      I did try to list it with various search engines,
      which takes a couple of months often to go through, so
      I don't know if numerous visits to a site gets it up
      the ladder of listings better or not. On google there
      are about a million sites that list photos from
      Afghanistan and I'm hoping to be in the top 47,000

      Thanks for your time, and remember, wherever you go,
      there you are.


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