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  • Paul Dever
    Jan 3, 2004
      So as not to innundate you all with baby fotos that will hold little
      interest to many, here are the links for our daughter's First Birthday
      Party (at Mickkie D's), and her First Birthday cake.

      McDonald's throws a great bash given the choices, and it was relativelt
      cheep (about $220 for 75 people, and we had TWO characters come out not
      just one...)...so enjoy if you will. You will only recognize me and
      Gigi and Paula, but you can get the feel for the closeness of families

      Paupau's Birthday Party


      The First Birthday Cake is a family tradition in which the one year old
      is sat on a sheet with the birthday cake, and s/he does what s/he
      wants, walk eat, throw, smear, crawl, etc.

      Apparently this was more traumatic than I remember or was told, but it
      seemed like fun at the time...

      Paupau Birthday Cake Party


      If for some reason, it is not a "hot link", just copy and paste the
      address to peruse the thumbnails and check out what you will....

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