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  • Weber
    Oct 31, 2003
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      While Don and I stood on a San Francisco street corner waiting for David Binkowski to meet us for breakfast last Sunday, I thumbed through a restaurant copy of the S.F. Chronicle.  I saw a small article about water purification.  It said that they (don't remember who the "they" were) have found that putting water in a clear plastic jug and exposing it to 6 hours of sunlight will kill bacteria.
      Gee, that sounds tremendously significant!  As they said, it could save countless children who are especially susceptible to water borne pathogens.  It's so easy!  And it could even save trees in areas where people have been encouraged to boil water.  Liz, do you at CDC know anything about this?  Is it proven?  Sounded as if it were a scientifically proven fact. 
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