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3912FW: TAACS Jobs Bulletin Update

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  • Bell, Elizabeth
    Oct 7, 2003

      And now for a change - international education position.

      Basic Education Advisor,
      Position located in Wash.DC
      Bureau for Latin America and the Caribbean

      Basic Education Advisor, Wash.DC/LAC. Will serve as an advisor in education and will be responsible for providing technical, program management and operational assistance in the development and implementation of the bilateral and regional programs and project activities in the Latin America/Caribbean region. The advisor will work with staff to develop and implement regional activities as well as to analyze and report on both EHR and Mission activities. The TAACS advisor will augment the technical capacity of the EHR team across the broad spectrum of activities including basic education, education technology, decentralization and community participation, student assessment, education service delivery, curriculum and instruction, teacher training, education finance, and education policy reform and sustainability.

      Qualifications: M.A. in Comparative International Education, Education Policy and Planning, Educational Administration, Educational Economics or a related social science field with at least three years experience working in education programs, preferably in the LAC region. The successful candidate should have familiarity with USAID procedures, sectoral policies, programming and reporting documents, and strategies and objectives. The position also requires excellent analytical, oral, written and interpersonal communication skills along with computer literacy in MS Word, Excel, Power Point, and Outlook. Fluency in Spanish, French or Portuguese are required but Spanish is preferred. The successful candidate should be available to travel in the LAC region to assist missions and partners in the field up to 40 percent of the time. Exp.in information technology and distance learning technology is desirable.

      Excellent benefits

      For a full position description please review

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