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  • Christine Chumbler
    Jul 7 6:01 AM
      Thanks for your perspective on this, Vyrle. I, too, was most bothered
      by the tone, and the need to stay in a different part of the hotel from
      other PC staff (?!). This is just one of many stories I've heard about
      Gaddi, including that he always has to have someone carry his briefcase
      for him. HRH, by the way, stands for His Royal Highness.

      >>> vyrle@... 7/5/03 7:12 PM >>>
      6 July 2003

      Dear Christine,

      Interesting piece on PC Director visits abroad. Actually not a lot
      different from the past. The wording is a bit demanding and direct
      not really unusual. Nevertheless, I would think the director of an
      agency which expects its key personnel (the Volunteers) to be flexible
      and adjust to local conditions would also exemplify flexibility. But
      think the current administration is much more ego-centric than some in
      the past.

      I have experienced a PC Director visit and a Vice President visit (VP
      Gore), as Country Director. Both were much easier than this appears
      be but the VP visit was very strictly managed as one might imagine for
      security concerns. The PC Director wanted to visit volunteers which I
      thought was great. The Regional Director and I made the official
      visits. I did prepare a detailed itinerary (in 15 minute increments)
      for the PC Director visit. It fell apart because of lost luggage and
      spontaneous shopping activities, but for the most part was useful as a
      planning tool.

      Most Host Country officials are very sensitive to protocol and
      appreciate knowing as much as possible about the preferences, (food,
      transport, security, meetings, etc.) of the visitor. So while the
      is stated in rather demanding terms much of the information is very

      Preparing the briefing book is a lot of work, but reasonably simple if
      the information is kept up to date. All staff and volunteer resumes
      on file and usually available at the County Desk. Photographs should
      much easier now with digital imaging and e-mail. Passport photos were
      the norm in the past, but we all know how flattering and descriptive
      they can be.

      I also prefer round tables, but certainly do not expect anyone to make
      special purchase just to gratify my preference. I think a little bit
      humility and recognition of the "sovereignty" of the Host Country
      go a long ways toward "world peace and friendship."

      I guess it is the arrogance of the directive that bothers me more than
      anything. The practical aspects are actually quite useful.

      Y'all be good,


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      Just to stir up a little controversy, I got this from a PCHQ source.
      It's apparently country desk guidance for when the PC director goes on
      country visits. Sounds pretty darn demanding, and pretty unflexible

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