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3786Fw: War on poverty

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  • Weber
    May 27, 2003
      I'm forwarding this that I received from a friend in Jamaica...a commonwealth country, I believe.  So, I felt contacting Tony Blair as an American may not serve a purpose but there it is, the option of United States, in listing your country on the website to send the email.  (www.maketradefair.com/go/g8)
      President Bush will be at the G8 summit.  So, here is information if you want to contact him about it too.   And by the way, in finding this contact info I found that today I could click a spot on the White House web site http://www.whitehouse.gov/ and watch 20 plus minutes of speech and the President signing the HIV/AIDS bill.  A bit grandstandy but, for me anyway, historically important.     Cathy
      To telephone the White House

      White House E-Mail Addresses

      President George W. Bush:president@...


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      From: Dr Thorburn <marigold@...>
      Date: Sunday, May 25, 2003 7:13 PM
      Subject: War on poverty

      > From: Oxfam Trade Campaign <

      > Dear
      > In just two weeks time, G8 leaders are meeting
      > Evian, France. These
      > leaders have the power to mobilise huge
      > resources and declare a war
      > on poverty. We need your help
      - please email Tony
      > Blair today. Click here to
      > act:
      > War
      on poverty
      > If the same amount of money and the same political
      will committed to the war
      > on Iraq were put into aid, trade, and debt
      > it would end the
      > suffering of millions of people. Oxfam
      believes it¹s
      > time world leaders
      > declared war on poverty - and
      we need your support.
      > For the cost of just two stealth bomber
      planes, 48
      > million children in
      > Africa, who have never had the
      chance to learn to
      > read or write, could
      > attend school for a
      > Take action now
      > In the run up to the G8
      conference, in June, we want
      > to increase the
      > pressure on Tony
      Blair - to do this, we need your
      > help. Ask him to urge
      > world
      leaders to declare a war on poverty at the G8
      > meeting in Evian.
      > an email before 28 May by going to:
      > You
      might have already taken this action by sending
      > Mr Blair a postcard.
      > so, thank you - but please DO still take this
      > special email
      action as well.
      > Thank you. As ever, it¹s your action that will
      > the difference.
      > Richard English
      >  Help spread the word by forwarding this email
      > friends, family and
      > colleagues who might be interested in its
      > .
      > If you have any
      questions/comments, email

      > Oxfam works with others to find lasting
      solutions to
      > poverty and suffering.
      > Oxfam is a company limited
      by guarantee and
      > registered in London No. 612172.
      > Oxfam GB is a
      member of Oxfam International.
      > Registered office 274 Banbury
      Road, Oxford OX2 7DZ. Registered Charity No. 202918.
      > Tel: 0870 333

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