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3477Re: [ujeni] life expectancy

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  • Paul DEVER
    Nov 4, 2002
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      Does that bode well or not:

      1. It is an indicator of politics (which I thought PC was above...)

      2. PC failed (by not putting systems in place to keep it running properly
      after departure.)

      3. PC left (along with other agencies a culture of dependence a la "Lords of

      4. AIDS is taking over.

      I like none of these selections...

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      From: "Christine Chumbler" <cchumble@...>
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      Subject: Re: [ujeni] life expectancy
      Date: Mon, 04 Nov 2002 09:32:37 -0500

      Life expectancy in Botswana was pushing 70 years before AIDS. Also, PC
      is planning to go back into that country as part of Bush's doubling the
      size of the agency hoohaw.

      >>> weber@... 11/2/02 11:30 PM >>>
      Hey Paul you are not only a cynic but an accountant, hence you think
      terms of money. The cause of the almost inconceivably low life
      ages of course is AIDS, and isn't Botswana one of the more
      sound countries on the continent? (or wasn't it until the scourge of
      Do we give it as much aid as other countries? In fact, did I hear
      Corps maybe wasn't going to go or isn't there anymore because the
      was doing so well? We met a Peace Corps worker from Botswana on Zomba
      Plateau who said that they had more text books in the school where he
      in the Okovango Delta than he had had in his school in the U.S. But
      Botswana is at the top , or should that be bottom, of Mark's list. So
      if we made it so that more AIDS drugs could be affordably available
      some of those dollars we spend, the life expectancy would go up. I
      that corrupt politicians have access to drugs and they will live
      while the countries lose their teachers, their really good
      civil servants, their health care workers, and their businessmen...the
      people who can help lift the cloud of doom that seems to hang over the
      southern continent. I forgive you, Paul, for behaving like the
      you are but not for being an inveterate cynic! Cathy

      From: Paul DEVER <pcpaul@...>

      >The cynic in me cries for an accounting of all the dollars spent in US
      >other foreign aid money to these countries, then compare it to other
      >countries on the continent and see why the stark difference, and why
      >continued dumping of money as well as tolerance of the disparity...

      >From: holland@...

      >an interesting factoid from The Economist: the 10 countries with the
      >average life expectancies are all in africa and almost all in "our
      part of
      >africa": botswana (36.1 years) , mozambique, swaziland, malawi
      >lesotho, sierra leone, burundi, rwanda, zambia, zimbabwe (42.9).

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