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3438Re: [ujeni] A letter from Japan

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  • Raymond R. Wise
    Sep 26, 2002
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      For more, see the website of the International Action Center, founded by
      former US Attorney General Ramsey Clark:


      or, Clark's book "The Fire This Time: US War Crimes in the Gulf". Clark
      examines not only the use of DU weapons, but also the implementation of the
      sanctions within the context of international law.

      Here is some background info on depleted uranium (which was also used
      extensively in the bombing of Kosovo -- anyone know if it was/is being used
      in Afghanistan?):



      P. S., here's an account of Tony Blair's dossier on Iraq that didn't show up
      in my local newspaper:



      >24 September 2002<BR>
      >Dear ujeni folks,<BR>
      >Here is something a little different and in my case something I did not<BR>
      >know before.  Depleted Uranium (DU, Uranium 238) was used as a weapon
      >the gulf war. Is it true?<BR>
      >The author is Yumi Kikuchi, a Japanese subscriber to one the yahoo<BR>
      >groups to which I also subscribe.<BR>
      >Y'all take care,<BR>
      >Vyrle Owens<BR>
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