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3436Re: [ujeni] A letter from Japan

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  • Daniel Dudley
    Sep 24, 2002
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      I know that some of the artillery (particularly anti-tank) rounds are tipped
      with this substance for better penetration. I don't know of anything beyond


      >From: "Vyrle Owens" <vyrle@...>
      >Reply-To: ujeni@yahoogroups.com
      >To: <ujeni@yahoogroups.com>
      >Subject: [ujeni] A letter from Japan
      >Date: Tue, 24 Sep 2002 21:27:22 -0700
      >24 September 2002
      >Dear ujeni folks,
      >Here is something a little different and in my case something I did not
      >know before. Depleted Uranium (DU, Uranium 238) was used as a weapon in
      >the gulf war. Is it true?
      >The author is Yumi Kikuchi, a Japanese subscriber to one the yahoo
      >groups to which I also subscribe.
      >Y'all take care,
      >Vyrle Owens
      >Dear Americans, please do not forget (or I should say you better
      >learn) what US Government did in the Gulf War before you
      >allow them to launch another war. US military has used over 1 miilion DU
      >bullets and 4000 bombs with 5kg DU, over 3 tons of DU total in Persian
      >Gulf War in 1991. Most are still dumped there and people are daily
      >exposed to it. (DU emits alpha rays so it is safe as long as you do not
      >inhale it. But once you inhale it, it causes lung cancer regardless of
      >the amount. Very small amount will do as it emits alpha ray
      >permanently. It also make your baby diformed if you are exposed to DU)
      >I know a few Japanese photo jounalists and activists who visit Iraq
      >regularly to research what has been happening and to bring medical and
      >food supplies. Global Peace Camapaign Japanese team will visit Iraq this
      >November to research further and bring more supply. I am helping to
      >raise money for that.
      >Iraq mothers and fatheres, kids and babies are suffering from it as well
      >as US soldiers (Gulf War syndrome) who were exposed to the DU. and they
      >and their babies are now dying of lukimia, cancer and low immune, on top
      >of no clean water and no sufficient food in Iraq. Of course, lack of
      >medicine because of sanction: 7,500 or so are dying every month. Over
      >1.5 million people died since the Gulf War.
      >Iraq was one of the most beautiful place with ancient cultures as you
      >know from Mesopotamia civilization. One of the oldest histories of this
      >planet. A lot have been already destroyed and we are now destroying the
      >country forever by allowing the use of Depeleted Uraniam.
      >It is as bad (or worse) as Hiroshima and Nagasaki.
      >I should never forget Japanese government paied for this war. We just
      >gave US government 13 billion Dolllars to pay for the Gulf War in 1991.
      >Disgusting! Just one phone call from Bush(Dad) to our PM made this
      >happen. The approval by our Diet(how the congress is called here) was
      >after PM said YES to Bush.
      >I did what I could then, but this time, I am more ditermined to stop the
      >war and not to spend a penny to support the attack against Iraq. People
      >in Iraq are suffering enough and I am not sure how many are going to
      >survive in the long run as there is very few healthy babies being born
      >there since the Gulf War. A lot are born diforemed or dead, or if they
      >look normal at the birth, they soon suffer from lukimia or cancer and do
      >not live very long.
      >US and UK do not have to bomb Iraq again as they will naturally
      >dissapear in the long run if we do not help them now. The sanction has
      >to be stopped now. DU contamination has to be cleaned up. By who? I
      >guess it is fare to say by those who did it. I am also responsible for
      >this as Gulf War is partially funded by Japanese government. I am doind
      >what I can.
      >DU contamination is forever.
      >The half life of DU(Uraniam 238), as you know, is 4.5 billion years, as
      >long as the life of the earth. I do not know how we are going to clean
      >it up. As Uranium 238 emit alpha-rays (not gumma) only so I guess the
      >contaminated soil and things can be buried underground.
      >What a mess we are creating on this lovely planet!
      >We are not here to kill each other. We are here to learn how to love
      >and be loved.
      >love, Yumi
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