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3432Re: [ujeni] Hi from Afghanistan

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  • Raymond R. Wise
    Sep 24, 2002
      Hey John,

      Congratulations on the engagement. Will be interesting to hear how you
      negotiate the pitfalls of parental and family expectations vis-a-vis the
      church wedding. Our agnostic-Catholic interfaith wedding was tough enough.

      Thanks for sharing your experience.

      Rand, Deb & Benjamin

      At 03:40 AM 09/18/2002 -0700, you wrote:
      >Hi there,<BR>
      >Actually, from Islamabad, because we still don't have<BR>
      >internet in Afghanistan yet. <BR>
      >Just wanted to say hello, I've been out there 8 months<BR>
      >now and miss the ujeni letters. Too much to tell in an<BR>
      >email other than it's been an intense experience, some<BR>
      >great, some not great. I have lots of photos though if<BR>
      >I ever get to see some of you. We've been out on<BR>
      >nutrition surveys in the mountains out west and it was<BR>
      >really an experience. Although donkeys, while very<BR>
      >functional, are satan's spawn, bas.<BR>
      >I'm flying to Tokyo on Friday for a week. Eriko (who I<BR>
      >met in Malawi waiting for the Ilala) are rushing ahead<BR>
      >and getting engaged after six short years of dating.<BR>
      >She weighed all the options, and realized that putting<BR>
      >up with me narrowly outweighed Japanese salaryman. We<BR>
      >have to go to Osaka to do the whole parent thing<BR>
      >before she heads to Pretoria to start her job there. I<BR>
      >will join her after I finish up here, probably in<BR>
      >April. Don't know where the wedding will be, but it<BR>
      >will a logistical nightmare. I haven't found a temple<BR>
      >in Mazar-i-Sharif that can do a Catholic/Shinto thing<BR>
      >I hope everyone is well. Write if you can. I have<BR>
      >access until Oct 3rd.<BR>
      >Take care,<BR>
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