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3421Hi from Afghanistan

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  • John Patten
    Sep 18, 2002
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      Hi there,

      Actually, from Islamabad, because we still don't have
      internet in Afghanistan yet.

      Just wanted to say hello, I've been out there 8 months
      now and miss the ujeni letters. Too much to tell in an
      email other than it's been an intense experience, some
      great, some not great. I have lots of photos though if
      I ever get to see some of you. We've been out on
      nutrition surveys in the mountains out west and it was
      really an experience. Although donkeys, while very
      functional, are satan's spawn, bas.

      I'm flying to Tokyo on Friday for a week. Eriko (who I
      met in Malawi waiting for the Ilala) are rushing ahead
      and getting engaged after six short years of dating.
      She weighed all the options, and realized that putting
      up with me narrowly outweighed Japanese salaryman. We
      have to go to Osaka to do the whole parent thing
      before she heads to Pretoria to start her job there. I
      will join her after I finish up here, probably in
      April. Don't know where the wedding will be, but it
      will a logistical nightmare. I haven't found a temple
      in Mazar-i-Sharif that can do a Catholic/Shinto thing

      I hope everyone is well. Write if you can. I have
      access until Oct 3rd.

      Take care,

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