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  • Weber
    Sep 15, 2002

      I didn't know you were PCVs in Jamaica. After Peace Corps I volunteered
      there through Health Volunteers Overseas for 6 weeks with a community based
      rehabilitation program (3D Project). I met a man PCV in Morant Bay who was
      doing some small business projects with mothers of some of the disabled kids
      out of the 3D Project office there. I worked half the time in Morant Bay
      and then in Highgate where they also had a 3D Project office. I went (bus,
      taxi??? and then walk) with community rehab workers out to rural homes of
      disabled kids. Though really a less poor country than Malawi I felt the
      depth of poverty more there...maybe because sense of community seemed less.
      Possibly it was just because I was there a short time and didn't get to know
      people and correctly interpret what I was experiencing.

      One of those funny serendipitous things happened. I met an American family
      when I went to church with the Jamaican family I was living with in
      Highgate. The American woman offered me a ride to work when she spotted me
      on the road a day or so later. I almost refused...I was close to work and
      liked the walk (not nearly as much as my walk to work in Malawi where
      everyone wanted to walk with me and talk). Decided it was kind of her to
      ask so accepted. In asking about where she was from...learned that they
      were Mennonites, hadn't lived in the U.S. for many years. Her husband was
      running the Habitat for Humanities office in Highgate, but they had been in
      Zambia before, had traveled to Blantyre and stayed at the Salvation Army
      place in Blantyre because in Zambia they worked at the Salvation Army
      Hospital. I told her that Margaret Wazakili, my closest friend in Blantyre,
      had worked there in Zambia as a physiotherapist. She said "Oh my goodness,
      Maggie! We lost track of her!" They were friends and lived as neighbors on
      the hospital grounds. Anyway, they had been in Jamaica for a year and still
      had the same sense of the difference between Jamaica and our experiences in
      southern Africa.

      A few Jamaican mothers at a 3D Project parents meeting were talking about
      how they don't show their children enough affection, how they don't hug.
      I'd really be interested in hearing your about your experiences there. I
      may go back sometime. After going I helped recruit and prepare other
      therapists to go and have kept in email touch with some who I've never met
      and with the women who started 3D. She's retired and the project is falling
      apart because of lack of funding. UNICEF funds projects for a certain
      number of years and expects them to develop their own funding sources, from
      what I understand. Disabled kids' rehab. programs are seem to be low on the
      list of government funding priorities and probably even most NGO's, though
      Malawi Against Polio has done well through Dutch NGO's and Christofer
      Blinden (sp??? German NGO?), hasn't it? Still hope that's well in place.


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      >As PCVs in Jamaica, we also loved our pressure cooker as beans were cooked
      >very often. It would be great to have one here, too. Stacia
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