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3406Re: [ujeni] Re: Help! Suggestions for to-be trainee?

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  • Mary Parsaca
    Sep 14, 2002
      Hi Tighe,
      As a PCV in Kenya 30+ years ago, I found my pressure cooker to be
      invaluable. When my daughter, Tana Beverwyk-Abouda, went to Malawi as a PCV
      she took one along and loved it. It's one way to conserve those fast
      disappearing trees in Malawi...faster cooking means less charcoal.
      Enjoy every minute.
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      From: "Tighe1" <junk9191@...>
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      Sent: Friday, September 13, 2002 1:19 PM
      Subject: [ujeni] Re: Help! Suggestions for to-be trainee?

      > Wow, you guys rock. So many good suggestions. I never thought about
      > the bike repair kit. I never thought about bringing toys for the host
      > family either! Awesome. I suppose I'll just throw in a few articles
      > of clothing and fill the rest with stuff. One thing that several
      > people have suggested is a handheld water purifier. You can buy them
      > in camping stores, but the one they recommend for africa is $200.
      > It's still super small, just expensive. I'm thinking about investing
      > in one. Books and music are definitely on the top of my list, and
      > I've even found a solar powered battery recharger for about 20 bucks.
      > I guess I'm screwed in the rainy season though :)
      > Hearing all of your enthusiasm is really encouraging. Despite all the
      > problems, I thought the country looked pretty inviting. Everyone says
      > the people are super friendly and the country is beautiful. I guess
      > you really can't ask for more.
      > I leave staging on Oct. 1 for Malawi. Surprisingly, the nervous fits
      > I had months ago have turned into pure excitement. I'm ready to have
      > an adventure! I'm doing my training in Dedza (sp?) and apparently it
      > still has a few modern conveniences. So, if I have internet access I
      > will most certainly post. Did anyone who did their service within the
      > last couple of years have regular internet access? Or should I just
      > assume that will be a once a month luxury?
      > -Tighe
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