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3405RE: [ujeni] Re: Help! Suggestions for to-be trainee?

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  • Vyrle Owens
    Sep 14, 2002
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      14 September 2002


      Dear Tighe,


      Congratulations upon being accepted to Malawi Peace Corps.  A truly profound experience awaits you.


      As to what to bring:  In my experience finding reasonable quality bed sheets and bath towels outside the US is expensive.  If you like either or both consider taking or shipping two flat sheets.  The really nice luxurious bath towels are just too good to wash by hand.  Try it before you pack to get the feel.  I think the lighter weight terry towels are good.


      Any other advice from me is probably suspect as I am too old and idealistic to be practical,


      But, just in case you want to listen for a moment


      Consider that if you arrived in Malawi with nothing more than what you were wearing and carrying (include a reasonable amount of traveler’s checks in the carrying) you would be just fine.  You would have a wonderful experience, you would very definitely live to tell about it (the camera and film helps here), and the Malawi people you meet would appreciate you just as much.  Your fellow Americans might think of you as eccentric but also be a little jealous.


      My best wishes to you and your fellow trainees.


      Stay well,


      Vyrle Owens



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