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3399Re: [ujeni] Re: Help! Suggestions for to-be trainee?

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  • Kristof & Stacia Nordin
    Sep 13, 2002
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      More soundbites.... All PCVs also get water filters, not the type you can
      carry around though. The 3 cities all have Internet service, and I was just
      told that Karonga now even has an internet cafe. There are several ISPs
      now, maybe 5 or 6 that came in with the Leland initiative. I've used E&O
      for 5 years, and Thandi did a wonderful presentation to a group of girls for
      us one time. She's as great as ever. Unfortunately her husband died about
      2, maybe 3? years ago, that always scares me... Dedza is beautiful and that
      is where I went when I was waiting to go into labour for the whole month of
      July. I got the en suite room at Ed's bar / forestry lodge for the month
      and hiked around every day trying to induce labour (didn't work, but it was
      beautiful!). Me, too, enough said. Gotta go to bed! Stacia

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      > Oh yeah, I forgot about that: a water purifier is a great idea. I had one
      and used it constantly when I travelled. Bring some extra cartridges for
      it. Mine eventually started leaking badly and I had to pump twice as much
      for the same amount of water, but I still used it.
      > I lived in Lilongwe and had internet access whenever I had access to
      phone. There is/was a fascinating woman named Thandi Mbvundula who
      lives/lived in Lilongwe and runs/ran an internet service there called
      Epsilon and Omega (eomw.net). Their offices were at City Centre. Much
      preferable to MalawiNet (malawinet.com), which is/was owned and (poorly) run
      by a major political figure (now in the opposition I hear). While I was
      there MalawiNet had an officially sanctioned monopoly on internet access and
      forced E&O to use a crufty dialup linkage through South Africa. A friend of
      mine still uses E&O and I understand the laws have changed and they are now
      able to offer full service. (Did I hear a something about yet a third
      company opening recently somwhere in Blantyre?)
      > Dedza is a beautiful place. The view from the top of the mountain is
      spectacular, especially in rainy season when you can watch storms rolling
      across the plain. Cheesecake and Mzuzu coffee. Enough said.
      > Mark
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      > Subject: [ujeni] Re: Help! Suggestions for to-be trainee?
      > Wow, you guys rock. So many good suggestions. I never thought about
      > the bike repair kit. I never thought about bringing toys for the host
      > family either! Awesome. I suppose I'll just throw in a few articles
      > of clothing and fill the rest with stuff. One thing that several
      > people have suggested is a handheld water purifier. You can buy them
      > in camping stores, but the one they recommend for africa is $200.
      > It's still super small, just expensive. I'm thinking about investing
      > in one. Books and music are definitely on the top of my list, and
      > I've even found a solar powered battery recharger for about 20 bucks.
      > I guess I'm screwed in the rainy season though :)
      > Hearing all of your enthusiasm is really encouraging. Despite all the
      > problems, I thought the country looked pretty inviting. Everyone says
      > the people are super friendly and the country is beautiful. I guess
      > you really can't ask for more.
      > I leave staging on Oct. 1 for Malawi. Surprisingly, the nervous fits
      > I had months ago have turned into pure excitement. I'm ready to have
      > an adventure! I'm doing my training in Dedza (sp?) and apparently it
      > still has a few modern conveniences. So, if I have internet access I
      > will most certainly post. Did anyone who did their service within the
      > last couple of years have regular internet access? Or should I just
      > assume that will be a once a month luxury?
      > -Tighe
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