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  • Kristen E Cheney
    Aug 28, 2002
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      Hi Folks,

      Mathew and I are moving -- just around the corner. Our lease was almost up,
      and we happened upon a bigger, brighter, bathtubbed apartment, so we took
      it! We'll wheel everything there over the holiday weekend. We're still on
      Beach Hill in Santa Cruz, and we've got even more room for visitors, so
      you're all welcome if you're ever out this way. Here's the new address:

      1019 Third St #5
      Santa Cruz, CA 95060-5074

      Phone stays the same: 831-423-1127


      Kristen Cheney
      Doctoral Candidate in Anthropology
      University of California at Santa Cruz
      Social Sciences I Faculty Services
      1156 High Street
      Santa Cruz, CA 95064