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3327Emmanuel Afraka

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  • Vyrle Owens
    Aug 18, 2002
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      Emmanual Afraka

      I found some of your information interesting and some intriguing. I am
      not sure broadcasting the ujeni audience is/was the best strategy, but I
      would like to learn more about you. You may reply privately.

      Several things:

      Would you kindly introduce yourself more fully. Tell me about yourself.
      The origin of your name, your connections to/with Africa and its people,
      how you came to decide to found the New Jerusalem Church of Smyrna,
      Inc., and perhaps some of your spiritual insights which lead you to the
      conclusions you draw in several of your writings.

      And "Africa Divinity." What does this mean? Please elaborate. How
      does your concept relate to the "Divine Indwelling" which all members of
      the human race share and which provides all of us with equal access to
      the divine source and center of our existence?

      Thanks for your time,

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