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3138Re: [ujeni] RE: Jeremy & child

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  • Nordin
    Apr 25, 2002
      sorry everyone, didn't realize i sent that to the whole list!  Stacia
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      From: Nordin
      Sent: Thursday, April 25, 2002 9:34 PM
      Subject: Re: [ujeni] RE: Jeremy & child

      he's coming out to our house tomorrow after swearing-in along with the whole crew, so I'll do my best to remember to tell him.  i have a presentation for 250 professionals on HIV and nutrition tomorrow, 2 new crisis corps volunteers to guide into malawi, and 20 or so people coming over for the afternoon with some overnighters, thensaturday back to the HIV workshop.  SO, if I lapse, you'll understand!
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      Sent: Wednesday, April 24, 2002 2:05 AM
      Subject: Re: [ujeni] RE: Jeremy & child

      Stacia --
             Thanks for passing along my message. I have another for him regarding his court case.
             His attorney isn't filing anything until June so a Sept. court date is unlikely. He needs to get in touch with either Meghan or his attorney.
             Again, thanks for your patience and helpfulness in this. Since I can't figure out my long-distance service I've depended on you to get the messages to Jeremy. This isn't urgent so the next time you see or talk to Jeremy, please pass it along.

      Jim Gregory

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