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  • Paul DEVER
    Mar 1, 2002

      This even hit CNN yesterday.  Some solutions:

      1. All Gov't officials keep local currency accounts.

      2. All foreign accounts are liquidated and turned over to the Treasury.

      3. All Education Ministry officials on down to teachers send their kids to local schools, public, or MCDE...MCDE better.

      4. All Health Officials must access only state facilities, regardless of condition.

      5. All Ag ministry officials must use the same techniques they advise their constituents on.

      6. All gov't officials must use the public education and health facilities.


      This way, althoguh a very simplistic (I like simplicity) solution would be a right step, since the people involved now have a personal stake in the improvement of services.


      ADMARC should donate its grain to the citizens, since they have already made a huge profit form their sales (they generally buy at low prices from farmers in times of crisis or abundance, and sel at high prices in times of need or shortage)



      That from the desk of the cynical, naive Paul

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