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3016Petition Alert from Mary Parsaca

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  • mparsaca@newmexico.com
    Feb 28, 2002
      I have just read and signed the petition:

      considering the urgent need for what this petition
      propses, I would definitely encourage you to do so,
      (Link to:)

      Your action on this petition will have an impact
      beyond just having signed your name. As you read
      this, Peace Corps goals are being reworked in Congress
      by Returned Peace Corps Volunteers attempting to
      expand the role of grassroots organizations in Peace
      Corps activities.
      (For more information, link to:)

      Unfortunately, their efforts are hampered by
      provisions of the recent Presidential Executive Order
      creating the USA Freedom Corps. Certain provisions of
      this executive order would, if unchecked, allow other
      government agencies to misuse or even direct the
      mission of Peace Corps. The language of this petition
      and the timing of action by Returned Peace Corps
      Volunteers presents a real and viable opportunity to
      have what you are signing become law, as the Returned
      Peace Corps Volunteers are meeting with members of our
      government to produce legislation on Peace Corps.

      We've all seen the pervasiveness of corruption in
      society: here's a chance to effectively stop a part of
      it. Please be sure and use the form on the petition's
      web page to e-mail your friends so that they, too, can
      put their names down with the list of people who are
      petitioning our government to enact law to
      ensure that the U.S. Peace Corps will not be misused
      or directed by other government organizations.

      If you really want to maximize the effect of this
      petition, be sure and e-mail the text of the petition
      to your representative in a personalized letter
      format. This can be easily done by linking to:

      If you are unable to sign the petition at this time,
      please forward this e-mail to others you believe share
      your concern. Together, we will make a difference.

      Thank you for your time on this issue!


      The system centralizes signature collection to provide consolidated,
      useful reports for petition authors and targets.

      Please forward this email to others you believe share your concern.

      To view additional petitions, please click here:

      Thank you,